At Buckhead Mountain Grill, we’re serious about rewarding the loyal customers that we’ve gotten to know over the last 20+ years in business. That why we’re excited to bring you Buckhead Rewards. Here’s how it works in two easy steps . . .


Enroll as a new Buckhead Rewards member next time you dine with us by registering your email address at checkout. Pay using cash or link a payment card to your account and you’ll begin earning points right away!

You’ll receive a 10 point sign-up bonus and automatically earn 1 point for every $1 you spend on food or non-alcoholic beverages. Collect 100 points to get a $10 discount!


Earn points on your Buckhead Rewards account and work your way towards free food, exclusive member offers sent via email, and more. Easily track your Buckhead Rewards account and transaction history by bookmarking your account card webpage sent in your Welcome email. Pull up your account before payment by have your server scan your unique QR code or searching your email address.

 $10 For Every 100 Points You Earn

Exclusive Member-Only Email Offers and Promotions



How do I track my Buckhead Rewards points?
There are a few ways to easily track your points. Each time you dine with us using your Buckhead Rewards account, your receipt will tell you how many points are on your account and how many you earned on that visit. You can also bookmark the link to your Buckhead Rewards profile, which can be found in the Welcome email you received after registering as a new Buckhead Rewards member.

How do I redeem my Buckhead Rewards points?
When your account is eligible for a discount upon reaching a 100 points balance, the point of sale system will automatically ask if you would like to redeem your discount. You can choose to “Save For Later” or “Redeem Points”. If you select “Redeem Points”, you are required to redeem all Rewards Account points less than or equal the total balance due on the check at once. There is no option to elect how many points to use. You will be granted 10 cents for every point on your account after your $10 discount. If you decide to redeem your discount with a 150 points balance, the discount total will be $15. Choose “Save For Later” to apply earned points to your account for future use.

Can I earn points when I pay using cash?
Yes. You will earn points when you pay using cash but your waiter must pull up your Buckhead Rewards account prior to taking your payment. You can also redeem points when paying with cash!

Can I add multiple payment card to my account?
Absolutely. You can add multiple payment cards to your account but are required to pull up your Buckhead Rewards account prior to payment when you use a new card so that we know which account to link it with. Once the new payment card is linked to your account, you’ll start earning points but will be required to verify that card in order to redeem points when using it.

Can’t find the answer your looking for?

Visit our rewards software provider’s Customer Knowledge Base or feel free to email support. We’re happy to help!

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